50 Shades of Blue

Location:United Kingdrom


Photography by Zula

Mongolia is mostly known for two things to the Western World: Genghis Khan and Mining. But we should also be known for our cashmere industry. Mongolia actually is the second biggest cashmere supplier in the world, behind China. If you ever visit Mongolia, you should stock up on your cashmere there. Here’s why: there are over 30 domestic cashmere brands and the availability and diversity of cashmere products is insane. You can get anything in cashmere, from typical sweaters and dresses to blankets and socks. You can even get cashmere underpants (Surprisingly, I happen to have a pair of cashmere underpants, but this story is for a whole another day ). Mongolia should be dubbed the cheap cashmere heaven.

As I said before, there are a lot of brands but I only like 2, Goyo and Gobi. This sweater and hat I’m wearing is actually from Goyo. I think these 2 brands have the best quality and design.

P.S. If you do buy cashmere, make sure you wash them properly! Either take them to special dry cleaners or hand wash them yourself with cashmere shampoo. I really like Marks&Spencer’s  cashmere shampoo. It makes my sweaters as soft as a baby’s butt. Maybe even softer…


Goyo sweater

Louis Vuitton bag

H&M dress

Gap jacket

Goyo hat


 Polo sweater

Burberry jacket

Zara bag

Zara skirt

Marks&Spencer hat


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