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My new recomendations. Hello everybody, I hope you are having a wonderful week! As for me, I am very busy with school work, applications and a very in town. Because everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the loved ones, I thought I’d talk about my favourite new beauty products.


1. Dark vampy lips… If you think it is only for Halloween, you are wrong. They are the new IT colour of this cold winter season. I recently tried them on in a YSL beauty bar and was shocked how good it looked on me. I thought this dark colour would not suit me because of my Asian complexion, but it did! Everyone should go ahead and try them, after all, it does not hurt to try it right? You might find a pleasant surprise and find a new favorite colour.


2. CHANEL CC CREAM. I was not a big fan of CC creams until I used this Chanel one. I really like the light and airy formula, that is not heavy or greasy. CC creams are mostly used for Colour Corrections, meaning it hides your skin colour imperfections, not blemishes. I switched from my usual MAC foundation to this Chanel CC Cream because I really like the light formula. If you are someone who needs heavy coverage to hide blemishes, scars I would not recommend it. _MG_7059-4 _MG_7060-5

3. Shashbox Brush. My friend Renee got me into makeup brushes… After feeling her good quality brushes I was obsessed with them. I bought Shashbox brush in Boots, and I am very pleased with them. They are super soft and easy to use. This one is for eye shading and covers the whole lid.

4. Clinique eye cream and Dior perfume. I will admit, I used to think “I’m 19, I don’t need eye cream”, until my sister gave me this one. My under eye dark circles disappeared and eyelids looked much healthier. Now I use it regularly, every 2-3 days.  _MG_7063-85. Clinique face wash. Last, but not least, is Clinique Mild Soap. Back in the day, I used to use the old yellow soap bar and hated it. Now I use this Face wash regularly and I love it. It is so much easier to use and gives you a great effect. I use this Face wash every day and exfoliate 2 a week.

If you have questions, feel free to ask! Aaand don’t forget to check out my Beauty shop.


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