Beauty Review: Dior Eye liner


_MG_0556-4Hello lovelies! I am a big beauty lover and I live with a sister who is a biiig big beauty junkie. We always love trying the new beauty products, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they are bad. I always want to tell everyone the new “gem” I’ve found or a waste of money they should stay away from. This is why I am starting a new section called the “Beauty Reviews”. This is basically a simple review section for the products that I have been using. I can assure you, these posts are not sponsored and the opinions stated are my own.

So lets start then :D.

Product: Dior Kohl Eyeliner in white     $29 /  £10.6

Positives: I use white eyeliners to make my eyes look  more awake and fresh. If you are taking photos or videos, it makes your eyes look bigger on screen. It comes with a sharpener and is easily sharpened. It has a great kohl pencil texture, which is not too hard and not too soft on the inner eye rims. They are easy to use as well and I think they will last you for a while. I have had mine for few months and it still looks brand new.

Negative: Probably the only negative thing is the price. For almost 30$ you can get many alternatives that are much cheaper. If you don’t take many pictures or videos, go for a nude eye pencil. This will open up your eyes, make them look bigger and will be much more subtle than the white eyeliner.

The rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Dior Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in white

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