Beauty Review: Mac Foundation



Product:  Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in shade NC37       $31/£ 19

Positives: Gives an even and full coverage. When I use this foundation, I usually don’t use concealer because it gives such good coverage. It hides all the skin redness, scars and other imperfections. It also lasts for the whole day. I usually put it on in the morning before lectures and when I come back at night, my makeup still looks perfectly fine. It also has a lot of different shades to choose from, whether you are Caucasian, Asian, Middle eastern or African. I bought mine at Selfridges in London and the sales lady was so helpful when I chose my shade. From all the different brands and shades of foundation I’ve ever used, I think this colour was the closest shade to my skin.It matches it completely and blends in flawlessly, unlike some foundations.

Negative: Can feel quite heavy, so I only use it to special events, photoshoots, when I need extra coverage. But for everyday use, it was too heavy, so I switched to my Chanel CC Cream and other tinted moisturizers.

Rating:  ★★★☆☆

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