Beauty Review: Urban Decay Naked 1



All of you guys have heard of the infamous NAKED palette, right?  This is must be one of the most talked about eyeshadow palettes ever. There are not ONE, not TWO, but THREE versions of this palette on the market right now. As for me, I wasn’t a big fan of the first one, so I decided not to get the second or third ones. I guess if you have one, you don’t really need the second and third ones anyway. Some of my friends have all three of them because they just love it but I was not the biggest fan of it. Here is my review of the Naked Palette.

Product:  Urban Decay Naked Palette 1         $54/£ 30

Positives: It has so many neutral everyday colours to choose from. I don’t usually take risks with my eyeshadow colours. I tend to stick to the neutral browns and beiges, so the colour choices were perfect for me. There are some glittery colours and there are some matte colours. My personal favourite colours are Naked, Buck and Darkhorse.

Negatives: It does not stay on for long and smudges easily. If you want it to stay on for longer, use the eye primer it comes with. I personally hate using eye primers  because a)I am always in a rush in the mornings and I don’t have time for eye primers  and   b) it is harder to take off.

Rating:  ★★★


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