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EyebrowHello lovelies, hope you are having a good week! When you read this, I would probably be in Milan eating gelato and lasagna :). So as you can tell from the picture, this article is dedicated to the eyebrows. Any makeup enthusiast would know that an eyebrow can either break or make your face. For me, good eyebrow makeup is important because I have sparse eyebrows (most asians do ). So some of the products below literally save me :D.

I used to use a Chanel eyebrow pencil but I now use a brown eyebrow powder from Laura Mercier or Anastasia Beverly Hills. I don’t like too dark or strong eyebrows, so I feel like a powder gives me a more of a natural finish. If I don’t have my eyebrow kit with me, I usually use a light brown eyeshadow. Trust me, it works just as fine. It does not stay for as long as wax textured eyebrow products, so be sure to use an eyebrow gel like this Mac one.

Trick: If you are asian, do not use charcoal black powder or black pencil on your eyebrows. It looks very unnatural and it is too strong. Sometimes, it even makes me look like a ladyboy :D. So please, just stay away from black colours and go for a dark brown, which is one or two shades lighter than your eyebrows. 

1. Clinique –pencil and a highlighter all in one. This pencil might seem too thick, but trust me it is not. The edges are perfect for thin lines, and the center is for thick lines. Apply it in light strokes, making it look like hair.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.  This wax textured brow product is waterproof and stays on for longer than usual products. It dries quite quickly, so be sure to clean quickly if you made a mistake and clean your brushes straight after using.

3. Laura Mercier. I use this one myself. There are 3 colour choices, so try all of the colours to see which one suits you the best. I use the light brown colour and apply with my Real Techniques angled brush. I got the angled brush with an “eye brushes” set.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Duo. My sister uses this one, so I always steal hers. It is so convenient to live with a beauty geanie sister! I also love this one because it suits my skin colour the best and it looks like I didn’t even put on makeup. I use Medium Brown shade.

5.Mac Brow Gel. When you use a powder on your eyebrows, I think it is important to put on clear gel to set your eyebrow makeup. Otherwise it doesn’t stay for long. You don’t want your eyebrows disappearing in the middle of the day, do you?

Trick: If you don’t have an eyebrow gel, you can spray an eyebrow brush with a hairspray and brush it onto your eyebrows (a trick I learned from my lil sister).

Mac Brushes. Most useful eyebrow brushes are an Angled Brush and Eyebrow Grooming brush. Use the angled brush to apply powder, wax products. Use the eyebrow brush to tame the crazy eyebrow hairs before applying products and after you applied for a natural finish.  

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