Hello, 2014!



2013 has been a great year for me. I grew a lot both personally and professionally. I learned a lot of valuable lessons and I became a better, braver and more independent person.

I started a project in Milan, Italy. Started my career in Finance. Finished the first year of university successfully and started the second one. I organised two charity projects. First one was on the 31st of December, when I went to help the kids who live my picking trash in Mongolia. Second project was on my 19th birthday in February, where I went to an orphanage. I realised I was very blessed, so I decided to give back to those in need. I asked my family to donate money instead of getting me expensive gifts. With the collected money, I bought clothes and food for the children living at the state orphanage in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.My blog grew and it got a new website with the help of Towersoft. I gave my first interview in the Uptown magazine and started writing a column in the Umbrella magazine. I became braver and more adventurous, so I finally went parasailing and started learning a new language. I started taking Italian evening classes, so now I know Mongolian, Russian, English, Mandarin Chinese and Italian :D. In my opinion, girls can never be over educated or overdressed ;).

In 2014, I am planning on  learning more, doing more charity work and travelling more.

I hope you dream bigger and set more goals in 2014. I hope your dreams and goals are so big that they scare you. I hope you make 2014 the best year for you.

Thank you for reading & Good Luck !

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