Black pumps


One of the shoes every woman should own is the black pumps. They are simple, elegant and go with anyhting you own. I personally prefer to have 2 wherever I live: one expensive, good quality one that will always make you feel elegant, and one cheap one, which you can use for everyday office stuff. That is why there are 2 lists in this article, one filled with precious designer black pumps and one filled with more affordable choices.  The Jimmy Choo “Anouk”, Manolo Blahnik “BB”, Christian Louboutin “So Kate” and “Pigalle” are all famous iconic pumps. If you ever decide to invest in designer shoes, make sure you buy one of these. They will be iconic forever. I think they are like the Chanel “2.55”, Dior “Lady Dior” bags. They will never go out of fashion.

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