How is everyone’s January going? Hope you are keeping up the resolutions!!

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Photography by Zula

So my January has been really busy so far. I have been running in between my group reports, never ending lectures and of course, my gym sessions. In between all these crazy things I am still managing to stay focused and relaxed. Sometimes I even have the time to actually cook a proper meal! My another New Years Resolution is to learn to cook more gourmet meals in 2015. You know me, I love cooking and baking, so I am not bad with cooking but wouldn’t it be badass to cook like Gordon Ramsay? I think it would be! I have to mention this, but another problem of not having a boyfriend is the fact that no one will appreciate the food you put your whole day into. I live with my sister and she is always healthy/on a diet, so she does not even touch my unhealthy, carb-filled food. Last Sunday, I had to eat two freaking big Sirloin steaks by myself! Two! And they were beautifully seared with butter, garlic and thyme.  Ok, enough of my ranting! I gotta go and research more about my report, have a good week! :).

Zara sweater

River Island boots

Burberry bag

Celine sunglasses

Zara skirt

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