It is suddenly December 19th and now I am sitting in my office wondering where all the time went. Life has been so exciting here in UB, that time is just flying by. Between the crazy work schedule, family, friends and dating, I’ve had almost no time to myself. This is also means that I have been doing the things I love less and less.

First, I have been reading less and I have started using the “I am too busy to read” excuse like all the other working millennials. I have a stack of new books I bought from a quirky English bookstore in Sanlitun, Beijing and I have only read one so far. Oh how I miss those Sundays where you just hang around a bookshop (mostly Waterstones) with a good cup of tea and just read.

Second, I stopped blogging. Well, I do blog here and there but I have no time to create content, so I have been blogging less and less. I am now getting used to my work schedule, so hopefully I will be better at multitasking and I will have more time to take photos :).

Third, I have stopped exercising and I feel soo bad about it.Especially because I am wearing a backless dress this New Year’s eve. I stopped going to any of my yoga, tennis, pilates classes and gym overall. I think I may have signed up for too many things and pushed myself too hard before. I mean going to gym at 6:30 before work was no piece of cake. So from now on, I am gonna listen to my body, take it easy and maybe sign myself up for only one thing at the time. So far, boxing studio next to my home looks pretty cool. So that could be my one New Year’s Resolution for 2016- to sign up to the boxing studio and stick to it.

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