Chanel Lipstick


_MG_9524-1Chanel Rouge Coco no.138

Nothing better than a fresh lipstick right? Shiny, unsmudged, so clean… This is the Chanel Rouge new spring colour number 138. Today was such a nice day. It was +20C degrees outside, the sun was shining, the birds were singing… It felt like spring, so I decided to let some spring into my beauty routine and change my lip colour. I am one of those people who sticks to something they like forever. For example, I always get chicken tikka in Indian, lasagna in every single Italian restaurant and stick to Clinique for my face care (it has been 6 years, I should really change. Apparently you are meant to change your face care brand every 2-3 years). Back to lipsticks, this is why I stick to my usual orange/coral lipstick from YSL because it suits me. But this is a bright pink colour with a red undertone. I really like it! You can try it at the Chanel stalls nationwide. I decided to get more variation in my lip colours when I saw my friend Namirah’s collection. It was a lipstick envy moment. That was when I realized I was a boring person with my lipstick colours. Hope you try something new ¬†this spring!


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