Contour and Highlighting 101

I think every girl should know how to apply makeup well and contouring is a big part of it. Highlighting and contouring can make your face look smaller, slimmer and overall highlight your best features. If you look at the above picture you can see that the dark brown lines are bronzer, and light beige lines are highlighter. I personally use YSL Touche eclat as a highlighter and use clinique bronzer.  

1. Slim your nose 
Put brown shadow/bronzer on the sides of your nose and blend. 
Also, apply highlighter along the center of the nose. 

2. Slim your face 
Apply bronzer in a 3 shape, starting from your forehead to your chin.

3. Hide your double chin
Apply bronzer underneath your chin as shown in the picture. This gives a shadow effect that makes you look slimmer.  


Below:  Kim Kardashian shows how she contours, she is the queen of Highlighting and Contouring afterall. 


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