Cote D’Azur Day 1



No vacation is complete without sand, sun and the sea, right? Well, I think so. Visiting all those amazing cities was great but my absolute favorite was the French Riviera or Cote D’Azur. After a short flight from Rome, we landed in the sunny Nice. The weather was perfect: sunny, clear blue skies with the Mediterranean breeze. It hurts just to look at these photos, when I’m sitting in my office on a cold autumn day.

The city of Nice was amazing but we wanted to go to a sandy beach, so we chose a hotel in Cannes. After a short, 30 minute uber drive, we arrived at our hotel, Hotel De Martinez. It had a beautiful beach right in  front of the hotel, where all we did was read books,swim and play in the water. We all tried the “no phone vacation” thing, but we all eventually failed. I mean it was so hard to stay off our phones when we had wifi right at the beach! Our hotel was conveniently located on the Boulevard De Le Croisette, which had all the shops you could think of and many, many restaurants.

I loved the French Riviera lifestyle, I will be coming back for sure! cannes_puje_lk-25


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Topshop Dress

Hermes scarf

Rayban sunglasses

Prada bag


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