Photography by Zula

When you are in Orlando, Disneyland is a must. I know there four other amusement parks in the area, but Disneyland is still the best family-friendly park. When we went there,  I think we spend around 12 hours in there. I don’t know how we managed to stay 12 hours in an amusement park, but we did. And we enjoyed it. From the first train ride to the 10 pm fireworks, we never got bored. We might have been super duper hot but we did have fun :D. In the summertime Disneyland is always, always packed, so do your research before you get there.


Download the Disneyland experience app on your phone and pick the rides you want to go on the most. Book queue jump with the Fastpass before you the day. (Disneyland gives you 3 free fastpasses) Trust me, this will save you a lot time and energy from queuing up for 2 hours because your sister/brother/lil kid wanted to go on the Splash mountain.



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