Photography by Zula

As soon as I booked my Paris tickets, I was so excited to shoot in the most romantic city in the world. I planned a few different shoots with different gorgeous dresses, but it was way too cold for my plans. The only one I could take photos with was this midi skirt. I do love how the photos turned out :).

P.S. Thanks to my sister who always takes my photos :D. I know you must be really bored of taking pics of me, but you still do it every single time!

paris_effel_midi_skirt-19 paris_effel_midi_skirt-17 paris_effel_midi_skirt-18paris_effel_midi_skirt-11paris_effel_midi_skirt-16paris_effel_midi_skirt-15paris_effel_midi_skirt-13

House of Fraser skirt

Christian Louboutin shoes

Mango dress(worn as a shirt)


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