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Graduation day was full of emotions: happiness, sadness, excitement and everything mixed together. I was happy and excited for the new changes in my life, but I was sad to leave my university life behind and become a full time adult. I know it sounds funny now, but on the day I was convinced this was the end of my fun, uni life. Now that I am working, I see that you can still have responsibility and have fun. It’s all about time management, ladies ;).

After we arrived from London,  we dropped our bags at home and headed to the university. The University campus was buzzing. It was full of students running around with their parents, trying on their gowns and parents trying to use selfie sticks. Oh the era of selfies. In fact, I should not be the one to judge them, because I did take numerous amounts of selfies with the excuse of ” the only time I get to wear a gown”.

The whole ceremony was very long. When it was finally time to call my name, the guy took a long pause and read my name with some sort of strange amusement. Nevertheless, he did a great job at pronouncing my super long 22 leter Mongolian name. After a brief hug from our chancellor and many photography sessions, the graduation was over.

Looking back, I have spent 8 years living on my own. From the first day at my boarding school in Beijing to the last day of university, I have grown a lot. I have matured, became more independent and most of all, I have become my own person. All the experiences I have had and all the people I have met have helped me grow, and I am very grateful to everyone.

I can’t wait to close this chapter of my life and open a new one as a full time adult :).

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