Last time I updated you was in February, just before my US trip and the whole Mongolian (Lunar) New Year extravaganza. So a lot has happened since then.

First, lets start with the Mongolian New Year. It was the first one since I got back, so it was very exciting. But oh my god, there were so.many.relatives. There were so many people that for the course of 3 days we had around 200-300 guests in our house. Crazy! I thought I had the best idea of making garlic bread, bacon wrapped sausages ( pig in a blanket as brits call it) and rice balls as starters. Turns out I had to make those things like 50 times in one day because it was so hectic. I guess next time I will be more prepared and maybe not choose that many salads and starters to make.

Second, I went to LAS VEGAS! For the first time! It was so exciting, even though I had a lot of work. I have tons of photos from my trip and I will be uploaded them soon :D.

Third, I am still working so so so hard on my start up. There are days that I want to quit and just stay at home and bake, but overall it has been very rewarding. We have our products (aka softwares) now and we are ready to start the sales and marketing. People have been asking me a lot about my startup, so I will start talking about it here more.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Stuart Weitzman and his glorious Highland Boots. I have been coveting these boots for the longest time and I finally got them when I was in San Francisco. They are so comfortable and they are just easy to pair with everything. I think you will be seeing them a lot in the future.
stuart_weitzman_highland-2 stuart_weitzman_highland-10 stuart_weitzman_highland-14 stuart_weitzman_highland-11 stuart_weitzman_highland-15

Gobi custom coat

Forever 21 dress

Chanel bag

Stuart Weitzman Boots


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