After coming back from Paris, I am writing to you feeling very refreshed and ready to take back the reins of my life studies and dive into exam mode. So far I have deleted Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Viber…  and everything social from my phone except Instagram. I have tried to bring myself to delete Instagram but I just can’t.  I think I may have a problem. I know, I know. Instagram is not the core or the center of my universe (my small, pretty, cupcake filled universe) but it has become part of everyday life. I even wake up with Instagram. Now that I think about it,  I would really like to sue the founder of Instagram for all the hours I have spent on this app.

Anyways, going back to Louvre and Paris. Recently, I have been becoming a museum and art nut.With some extra time on my hands, I started reading more about art history and oh boy, I think the art world has lured me in. I feel like a little child in a toy store, there are so many eras, so many great artists, so many masterpieces to see! So much to read about! I feel so grateful that I live in the United Kingdom, where all the museums have amazing art collections and they are free. There 55 museums in London alone! You know how it’s more fun to exercise with a gym buddy? I think I need a museum buddy. You should see my sister’s face when I say let’s go to V&A. She does not enjoy it at all. And I always drag her with me to museums. Maybe one day she will appreciate it? One day… for now I just have to bribe her with cupcakes, chocolates and dinners.

P.S. I did not go through Louvre in 5 inch heels. They were just for the photos and I switched into my converse for the museum.


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Christian Louboutin shoes

Zara skirt,

Zara coat,

Burberry watch

Celine sunglasses


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