Mascara Mania


Zara_floral_skirt_orange_heels-1From left to right: Clinique, Benefit “They are real”, Lancome “Hyptnose Star”, Dior “Diorshow”, Organic Glam, YSL “Babydoll”, Dior ” Diorshow Waterproof”. 

I’ve got to say, I do love living with my sister. I always have a pool of clothes and makeup I can borrow :D. Some of these mascaras are mine and some of them are hers, but we just share them. So, here is a little roundup of my favourite mascaras. I thought this might help you avoid the bad money wasters and actually buy a really good mascara.

1. Clinique: I loved this mascara overall. It was easy to remove and it stayed on for the whole day.

2.Benefit: This mascara is best for lengthening lashes. It makes them super super long. Like really long. However, I don’t use it everyday because I find it little bit hard to takeoff. While other mascaras come off with one cotton pad (with makeup remover), this one needed 2 or 3 cotton pads.

3. Lancome: It was ok. It was hard to use on lower lashes because of the brush.

4. Dior: It mascara is simply amazing! It makes the lashes curly and loooong. It just looks super pretty. However, there is a big downside to this one. It makes my lashes fall out. As an Asian girl, I already have sparse lashes, so I really do not need any of them falling out. Whenever I stop using this mascara, my lashes stop falling out. But from the moment I start using it again, they start to fall off one by one. It might just be my eyes that are allergic to this mascara but make sure you try the tester before you buy it.

5. Organic Glam: This mascara is an organic mascara. It does not have those nasty chemicals and is really good for you. It is one of the best organic mascaras out there but to be really honest, I did not really like using it. It delivered an ok result, but did not really lengthen or volumize my lashes. I would choose a different organic brand if you are looking for an organic mascara.

6. YSL: This is my all time favourite mascara. It is simply beautiful. It makes my lashes long, not clumpy and curly.

7. Dior: This mascara is great for those days when you need waterproof. It stays on in the water and it does not come off at all. Only negative side of this mascara is the big chunky brush. Because I have smaller eyes, this brush smudges when I use it on my lower lashes. Other than that, it is a great mascara.

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