Miami Diary



In Miami, all we did was lay on the beach, eat barbeque and watch the world cup. That is why I decided to make one huuuge post full of Miami photos.

First of all, where did we stay? We stayed at the Eden Roc Miami, which had the best service, breakfast and interior. It even had an Elle spa. Apparently this is the hotel Elizabeth Taylor stayed in the 1950s, when this hotel was a landmark. Since then, they have renovated the hotel and now it is a lavish resort with a private beach and 4 pools. I definitely recommend staying here.

Most days were a mix of rainy and sunny. Sometimes  it would rain the moment we laid our towels, books and ipads on our pool chairs. These photos were taken when we were hiding out in the hotel lobby.

disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-7 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-8

disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-10 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-9

Once the rain went away, we had some breakfast, enjoyed the empty pool,  and took some photos, naturally.

Mommy had the Egg Benedict with beef


and I had my usual, Omlette with fried vegetablesIMG_0458

Afterwards we played in the pool while waiting for the football game to start. disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-11

disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-2 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-12


After few hours, the game finnaly started, so here I am watching the game next to the pool and enjoying the best barbeque ribs I have ever tasted. I kept going back for more and more!leopard-clutch-loafers-puje-lk-1IMG_0595
leopard-clutch-loafers-puje-lk-6 leopard-clutch-loafers-puje-lk-4

And this was the beautiful pastel sunset when we collected our mom from the beach after the football finished… Because there were 2 games that day, we stayed next to the pool and watched it all day, while my active mommy was on the beach the whole day. Needless to say, she was really reallly tanned when we met her.leopard-clutch-loafers-puje-lk-7

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