Milan Day 2


_MG_5998 copy-27Second day in Milan was very busy, so I only have few photos from it. We had a lot of meetings to go to, so it was mostly spent inside. Which is a pity, because the weather was amazing! It +25C to +30C and it was like summer in mid September. However, we were so hot in Milan but almost froze to death in London. It was so rainy and cold there! Anyways, for now enjoy the photos of Milan streets and Milan Castle :).

_MG_5999 copy-28_MG_5992 copy-25 _MG_5960-21_MG_5996 copy-26_MG_5957-19 _MG_5958 copy-20

Zara skirt, blazer

Uniqlo top

J&M shoes

Stella McCartney sunglasses

Louis Vuitton bag

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