Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out


_MG_6064-10Vogue Fashion Night Out. Last day that I spent in Milano was the night of the Vogue Fashion NIght out, which was a crazy night. There were so many people, djs, dancers, cocktails and a lot of things happening that night. This was my first ever Vogue Fashion Night Out and I loved it. I have no idea why I never went to one before, but I will be attending the next year’s London one for sure. In the morning of that day, I went to Fidenza village to shop but was very disappointed. I expected a big shopping village but it was a small shopping street. The selection of goods was also very bad, so I would strongly advise not to go there.



If you like these Prada bags, here are some other colours choices

_MG_6058-9 _MG_6056-8 _MG_6053-7 _MG_6052-6 _MG_6034-5 _MG_6030-4 _MG_6025-3Had a strawberry cheesecake with some tea, I swear, I have the biggest sweet tooth, soon it will be a problem…. 😉 _MG_6022-2


Zara blazer

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