Mirror Mirror


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Photography by Zula

Do you guys remember me talking about Shirt Dresses here? So I went and got myself one! It just looked so minimal and cool, I couldn’t resist… Plus in 2015 I am opting for clean lines and minimal outfits. Cleaning out all the “noise” from my wardrobe. This one I’m wearing is from a really cool brand called Mirror Mirror. I think Urban Outfitters and Asos stocks them in the UK. They have quite unique stuff and their clothes have this cool tomboy-ish feel to them. Recently, I am getting quite bored of the usual stores like Zara or H&M. First of all, everyone shops there. Second, everyone ends up having the same stuff. You don’t want to walk into a room and have the same dress as 2,3 girls in there… That is why I have been on a “quest” to discover new brands.  So far I have found & Other Stories, which is a sister brand of H&M and COS, basically a Zara with higher prices and more minimal/A-gender style.

If you have any new brands you love, please leave a comment :).

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Similar earrings

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Zara jacket

River Island boots

Mirror Mirror Shirt Dress

Louis Vuitton bag

Burberry watch

H&M necklace  

Celine sunglasses

Swarovski bracelet


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