Where to buy Mongolian NY outfits


If you haven’t found your outfit for the Mongolian New Year, let me help you. Here are the newest and the most stylish Mongolian “deel” brands. 

 1. Yesui

Утас: 99094329

Instagram: Yesui Boutique

2. Torgo

Facebook: Torgo

Утас: 11324 957

3. Michel & Amazonka

Facebook: Michel Amazonka

Утас: 99013856

Facebook: Michel & Amazonka

Утас: 9901 3856

4. Mongol Brand by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu

5. Gumuda

Facebook: Gumuda

Утас: 8815 1052

Facebook: Gumuda


6. Gobi


7. Urban Jeans

Facebook: Urban Jeans

Утас: 80803636



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