Moscow Day 1



I have been wanting to visit Moscow for as long as I can remember. Because I was in a Russian school, I always used to read about it in my textbooks and imagine what it would be like in real life. Its actually pretty ironic how I spoke Russian my whole life but never visited it.

The first country on our Euro Trip was Moscow. Simply because it is the closest city to Ulan Bator and I begged my parents like a lil girl to see it :D. After a 6 hour flight, we landed in Moscow. The city was all I imagined to be. The Red Square, Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral were all beautiful.


One thing I really wanted to see was Lenin’s mausoleum, which is the final resting place of the great leader. Sadly it was closed by the time we got there :(. moscow_puje_lk-5moscow_puje_lk-8

The amazing St Basil’s Cathedral was built in 1555 and now serves as a museum. It was initially built by Ivan the terrible and had 8 different churches around the Intersection Church. It has a very unique architecture and many people reference it to a bonfire firing up to the sky. moscow_puje_lk-9

Kremlin is the official residence of the Russian president. It used to accommodate Russia’s tsars, Imperial kings and queens and Stalin, Lenin and other leaders during the Soviet times. moscow_puje_lk-11 moscow_puje_lk-12 moscow_puje_lk-15

These Tod’s loafers are the comfiest! Since I bought them few months ago, they have become my go to shoes because they are so easy to walk around in. Here are some other colours

moscow_puje_lk-14moscow_puje_lk-16 moscow_puje_lk-18 moscow_puje_lk-19 moscow_puje_lk-20 moscow_puje_lk-23 moscow_puje_lk-22moscow_puje_lk-24 moscow_puje_lk-25 moscow_puje_lk-26 moscow_puje_lk-27Zara jumpsuit

Banana Republic cardigan

Prada bag

Rayban Sunglasses

Tods shoes

Silk scarf bought in India 


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