New Years Party


December, such special month. The streets look magical, Christmas trees are everywhere and the holiday parties start. New Year parties are especially big here in Mongolia. Every company has one and it is one of the events of the year. This year was a special one because it was 5th year anniversary of our hospital. I am so proud of our achievments and our team :).

This year was also a big year for me personally, it was full of happiness and sadness, excitement and surprises, mistakes and lessons to be learnt. I graduated from my uni, founded my IT startup and moved to Mongolia. It has been so exciting to live with my family and be in my home country after being abroad for 8 years. 2015 was an amazing year, but I am even more excited for 2016 and the new opportunities. I have a lot planned, so I am excited to work hard and make it all happen.

As I am writing this, I am sitting at the Beijing airport waiting for my connecting flight. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and be in a plus 20 weather. After months of wearing 3 layers,  the thought of wearing nothing but bikinis and flip flops sound so exciting.

Happy New Year and I hope you will spend more time with your loved ones in 2016, afterall family is everything :). 

P.S. A lot of you asked about the dress: I couldn’t find a dress that I liked, so I decided to custom order one. I just sat with the designer and she included everything I liked and created this beautiful dress.

new_year_beige_dress-5 new_year_beige_dress-12

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