New York -Empire State of mind.


New_york_puje_lk-8Photography by Zula 

Hello lovelies! I have been loving my summer break in Mongolia and took a little break from my laptop and technology. I haven’t even been active on Instagram, which is very rare for me. It only happens during exam time in May and January. But now I am back with a load of new material. There are so many USA folders in my hard disk and I am so excited to show my Disneyland and Miami photos.

Going back a few weeks, these are photos from the day we visited the Empire State Building. Because I am a huge Gossip Girl fan, Empire State Building’s observatory was the first thing on my list. To give you a brief touristy info, the Empire State Building is a 103 story skyscraper that built in 1931.

Isn’t it amazing that Americans built a 100 story building almost a hundred years ago?


New_york_puje_lk-2New_york_puje_lk-4New_york_puje_lk-5New_york_puje_lk-3New_york_puje_lk-7 New_york_puje_lk-8 New_york_puje_lk-9 New_york_puje_lk-10 New_york_puje_lk-11Banana Republic shirt

Mango shirt

Zara skirt

Rayban sunglasses

Louis Vuitton bag

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