Paris Day 1


Paris was simply amazing! I loved everything from the sights, museums and shopping.

After a quick 1 hour flight from London, we checked into our hotel in Champ Elysees and walked straight to the Eiffel tower. It was very close and with the help of my beloved friend “Google Map” we found the Iron lady with no problem. (God I love technology. What did people do before google maps?)

First, a quick tourist info for you: the Eiffel tower was built in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel as a gate for the World Fair. It has three floors and you can either go to the observatory on the second floor or the top third floor, which is located 180 meters above ground. It was a cold and foggy day, so the visibility was reduced. After queuing for a good hour or two, we decided to go to the second floor and save the third floor for a more clearer day. If you are planning a trip, I would recommend buying the tickets online in advance. I tried to buy them in advance but they were sold out until April 30th when I tried (around March 1st). So do plan ahead!

Eiffel Tower- 9 am- 12:45 am everyday.

Buy your online tickets here


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Zara coat

Stuart Weitzman boots

Goyo cashmere scarf

Celine sunglasses


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