Beauty Review: St Tropez Perfect Legs Self Tan Spray



Because I am Asian and I am quite pale, I never used self tan before. I have heard so much about “orange” tans, tans that come off to your clothes and many unnatural tanned looks. I thought you could only get that perfect Kardashian glow in an expensive spray-tanning salon but I was wrong! With the weather becoming quite warm in the UK, I started wearing short dresses and short skirts and noticed that my legs were looking particularly pale. I headed to the nearest Boots and bought the St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray. There were so many choices of self tanners, from Loreal sprays to Garnier creams. St Tropez was definitely the most expensive one but since I didn’t want orange legs or orange tan on my beloved white skort from Zara, I thought it would be worth it.

 Directions: Spray the tan 15cm away from your legs. Spray a little at a time and use the special mitt to spread  it evenly. Repeat the process all around your leg.

P.S. Don’t forget the back of your thighs, it will look weird!

Positives: It was quick and easy to apply with a special mitt. It dried quickly, gave a natural result and smelled great. It gave me the perfect color in just 5 minutes! I let it dry for 10 minutes and then got dressed. There were no marks of the tan on my clothes, so I was extremely happy with my results.

Negative: The price would be a negative. There are many cheaper choices available and it is a small bottle. If you use self tanners quite frequently, it could be very expensive.   

Rating: ★★★★★      Love this product and I think everyone should own one!

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