Sweden Day 1



Sweden was the next stop on our Euro Trip. I was looking forward to this city particularly to visit my cousins in Stockholm, some of whom I haven’t seen in 2,3 years!

The first day of Stockholm was a family day. We had a big barbeque outside and just caught up sitting in the backyard. Second day was spent sightseeing in the city center. We went around the beautiful old town area, which is full of gorgeous 13th century buildings and cobblestone streets. The sights in the city were pretty close to each other, so we just walked everywhere.  In the afternoon, we took a hop on hop off boat tour. Usually cities have a hop on hop off bus, but Sweden has a boat. I think the boat was way cooler, so a point to Sweden!  To give you little bit of tourist information, Stockholm consists of 14 islands and is home to ABBA and Alfred Nobel, yes, that Nobel.


Royal Palace, which is the largest in Europe (containing 600 rooms)sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-4

If you are visiting Sweden, here is top 8 things you should do:

1. Take a boat tour

2. Visit the Noble Museum, which is small but very educational

3. Visit the Royal Palace

4. Walk around the Old Town

5. Visit the ABBA museum

6. Visit the Vasa Ship Museum, which is the only preserved 17th ship in the world

7. Visit the City Hall

8. Last but not least, eat Swedish meatballs. You are in Sweden, afterall.


  1. sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-5

This is the smallest statue in the world, which is 15cm high or the height of an iphone plus. It is regarded as the “secret” toursit attraction. sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-6 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-7

The Old Townsweden_stockholm_puje_lk-8 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-11sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-12 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-13 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-15 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-17 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-18 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-20 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-40 sweden_stockholm_puje_lk-42

The City Hallsweden_stockholm_puje_lk-41

If you are visiting Stockholm, well Europe in general, I suggest you bring comfy shoes to walk in. The Sketchers I am wearing here saved my life! Sadly my Toms or Tods did not survive the journey. I think you need shoes with thicker and padded soles for walking and running around all day.

Zara shirt,

Zara skirt,

Sketchers sneakers

Longchamp bag

Rayban sunglasses


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