That’s a wrap


By now, you know me, I love coats. Over the past a few years I have collected a fair amount of coats with the excuse of them being “very” different from one another. At one point, I thought I had developed an unhealthy obsession with Zara coats. Now there is a new obsession, a wrap coat. I love its feminine silhouette and the cosiness. These coats are so warm and you actually feel like you are wearing a bathrobe to work. For me that’s a win-win. You look good, plus it is warm.

To update you on my life, I am now a CEO of my small tech start up. I have been waiting to announce it after I made more changes but here it is. Life in Mongolia and life at a startup turned out to be different than what I imagined.  But it has been all very positive so far. My reverse culture shock is gone and I am proud to say I have fully adapted to the Mongolian way of life. Of course, life without Starbucks, Amazon and my froyos is hard, but I guess home is home and the sooner I adapt the better :).


Camel coats are super popular this year, so here are some similar camel coats

puje_lk-16 puje_lk-13camel_over_thekneeAnd of course black over the knee boots are a staple, so here are some over the knee boots from many different budgets
puje_lk-46 puje_lk-17puje_lk-45

Custom cashmere coat

Vero Moda Dress

Nine West Boots

Michael Kors watch 

Photography by Goddess Photography


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  • Г. Анударь

    Looking so good. But in Mongolia people can’t wear something like this in winter,you know it’s freezing. Do you have any idea of what to wear in freezing cold weather? I want some recommendation, and I hope you can recommend something not too expensive 😀