Photography by Zula

Hello loves! It has been so long, hasn’t it? The final year is really kicking butt, I don’t even have time to take photos anymore! In the past few week, I have been very, very busy. I had report deadlines, Italian exam, Mongolian New Year (well, Lunar New Year), my 21st Birthday and I had to apply for my Schengen visa, twice. After walking around in the National Gallery, me and my sis decided to take photos around the Trafalgar area. It was such a beautiful day and we got really lucky with magic hour. Magic hour is 1-2 hours during a sunrise or a sunset, where the light looks magical and soft in photos. I use a clever app, which tells me when the next magic hour is going to start. Next time, try taking photos (or selfies) at this hour. They will look amazing, I promise!





These biker boots are so comfortable to walk in. They look very edgy and cool, too. These ones are from River Island but here are some similar versions.

camel_turtleneck_asos-3camel_turtleneck_asos-7camel_turtleneck_asos-4camel_turtleneck_asos-8camel_turtleneck_asos-13 camel_turtleneck_asos-10
camel_turtleneck_asos-12camel_turtleneck_asos-14Mango coat

River Island boots

Burberry Bag

Asos shirt 

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