Back in UB



I have finally finished university and came back to Mongolia!! It feels so good to be out of the exam mode and be home with my loved ones. The weather in Mongolia is amazing at the moment, it is sunny with clear, blue skies and it’s +30 all the day, everyday. Its such a refreshing change after the long few month of constant rain in the UK.

If you are looking for ripped jeans or any type of jeans, go to Topshop. Their jeans are amazing.They are soft and they sit right your body. You can choose from different waist sizes and lengths according to your height. Plus they are very affordable, around 30-40 pounds. These ones I am wearing are called Jamie, which are high waisted and cut off at the ankles. Since I bought them on my trip to Paris, I have been wearing them almost every single day. They are so comfortable and soft. And if you are wondering, no, Topshop is not sponsor this post. I just happen to love their jeans so much. When I get back to the UK, I will buy these jeans in more colours for sure!

P.S. These pictures were taken the day after I came back from the UK, when it was a little bit colder and that is why I am wearing jeans and a black shirt. If I wore these jeans today, I don’t think I can survive the heat.


Here are some similar Topshop jeans in different colours.



Topshop jeans

Christian Louboutin heels

Uniqlo shirt

Rayban sunglasses

Prada bag


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