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Photography by Zula 

Hi lovelies! I am back in the UK now, moving and packing my house. By now I am used to moving and changing dorm rooms/apartments almost every year. I even learned to love packing and kind of look at it as a “yearly cleaning process”. Weird. I know.

While I am packing,  I got some USA photos for you to enjoy. This one is from visiting the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I can say this was definitely one of my favourite days of our trip! Just because I got to meet minions :D. I know. I am almost graduating from university and still talking about minions. But isn’t everyone obsessed with them?

It was so humid and hot that day, so I opted for the coolest option: a silk jumpsuit. It did not stick to my body or restrain my movements like a dress. So I think I wore the perfect thing to an amusement park :D.

universal slideshow 3



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My mirrored sunglasses are from TOPSHOP, but there are similar suggestions below. 

disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-17 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-18 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-19 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-20 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-21 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-22 disneyland-orlando-puje-lk-23

Topshop sunglasses

J&M shoes

House of Fraser jumsuit

Zara bag


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