Update from London


Today I played around with Canon 60D and a wiide 300mm lens. I hope you can see the difference between my usual 600D photos and this. So the plan of the first day in London was like this: scrolling through the streets, exploring small ones with unique small boutiques, coffee & tea stops and the British Museum. I generally enjoy sightseeing and I think it is definitely fascinating seeing all those historical exhibitions from years ago right infront of me. So there are pictures of some of the most interesting ones.  But I will be honest, shopping is the thing I enjoy the most! And walking around Oxford Circus and Oxford street is like heaven to me. I bought few new stuff that I can’t wait to wear on my blog. So here it goes guys!

Egyptian burial, isn’t this scary? I would hate my body to be dug up and be showcased in a museum, so somehow this makes me think this museum should be very scary and haunted at night, but again, I think I watched way too many sci-fi movies. 

Statement Necklaces of 2012 look similar to necklaces from Egypt

Afternoon tea and lunch 😀 

And here is some of my shopping today. 

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  • wow I seriously love your purchases! the first dress is absolutely gorgeous. it reminds of a traditional Asian dress and the print is just so detailed and lovely!


  • yeah thank u!