Mongolia was so cold….. You know how hard it is to take photos outside at -20C?


puje_lk_cashmere-16 puje_lk_cashmere-5 puje_lk_cashmere-3puje_lk_cashmere-4puje_lk_cashmere-1Photography by Zula

It was seriously hard to take outfit photos in Mongolia. Me and my sister could only stay outside for 20 minutes at a time. If we stayed any longer, either I or her fingers would start to freeze. It was also hard to look cute and stay warm at -20. I was wearing layers and layers of clothes and just felt like a big bear because of my puffy jacket. Even though I love Mongolia, it feels so good to be back in the UK to the plus zero degrees :D.

Gobi cashmere sweater

Gobi leggings

Louis Vuitton bag

Burberry scarf

Nord boots

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