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So my life has been hectic between my job, introducing ISO9001 standard into the hospital, a whole new app project and wedding planning. Yes, my wedding. Many of you probably don’t know that I was dating. So since moved to Mongolia, I have found my perfect guy (actually, I didn’t have to look that far, he happened to be right next to me) and we have been dating for almost 9 months now.  We have finally set the date and our wedding will be in August! Huge news. I know! I am still kind of shocked myself. When I told my friends abroad, they were all shocked and asked questions like ” Is this an arranged marriage? How did I not know you were dating? Why did you not post any photos of you together?”. I guess I try to keep my private life private and that is why only a few people from my close circle knew.

So enough about my personal life, let’s talk about these photos. They were taken 2 months ago back when it was cold but I was so wrapped up in work, I didn’t have a chance to post them. This coat has been my favourite coat through autumn because it is so versatile. This colour goes with any piece of clothing and it is so chic.

_MG_9286-19 _MG_9284-18 _MG_9279-17

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Custom Coat

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Forever 21 sweater

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