Before the snow

Location:Zaisan Hill


Before I left for my business trip to Beijing, I took a few photos with the talented photographer from Goddess Photography. I am loving working with him and the fresh new perspective he offers.

Moving onto the outfit, I think my coat obsession is no longer a secret. Over the course of next few days, you will get an influx of coat photos. Sorry, it is all because of the cold weather! It is snowing in Mongolia, so the blog will be filled with autumn/winter photos from now on. I have totally fallen in love with this blue coat. It is such a statement piece, it instantly makes any outfit chic. Plus it makes a grey day a little bit brighter.

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Reiss coat

Christian Louboutin shoes  

Betty Barclay jeans

H&M sweater

Louis Vuitton scarf

Rayban sunglasses



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